Why having a blog is a powerful way to boost your marketing

A blog can be a one of the most powerful ways to promote your business. This is especially true when you combine your blog with social media efforts. Whilst creating, maintaining and sharing the content for a blog can be time consuming and take up resources, blogs are worth the investment as they can boost brand awareness, drive traffic to a website and foster a community with clients. Linear Media explores some of the ways having a blog can be a great addition to your marketing strategy.

Boosted brand visibility via SEO

The more blog content your business is able to create and publish, the more likely your website appear in search engines. By consequence, this will improve the organic traffic directed to a business’ website through SEO (search engine optimisation). In this instance, blogs are a great tool to strengthen your SEO strategy. Constantly updating your blog with new and engaging content is one of the best ways to improve your SEO.

Increase and build your email database

Daily, over 280 billion emails are sent. This figure is set to rise by the close of 2021. Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies a business can have. However, getting email sign ups can be challenge. Yet, through blog content, this obstacle can be overcome.

However, if you have an innovative and thought-provoking blog that provides relevant and engaging content, the chances are that your target audience are going to trust that your email marketing will be too. In that case, it is opportune for businesses to use their blog content to drive an email newsletter sign ups to build an engaged and captivated audience.

Build and strengthen relationships with new and existing clients

Client engagement is a fundamental part of marketing. A blog can serve as a means to educate your audience about your business, your products, values and company culture. In order to keep your audience engaged, it is important to constantly update your blog with new information. At the same time, a blog can be a great way to humanise your content. For example, companies can use their blog to illustrate their values and company culture by including content that features their employees.

Position your business as a thought leader

Blog content can inform your target audience that you are an expert in your specific industry. When potential clients visit your website, they will be searching for reassurance that if they choose to work with you, you are competent and knowledgeable in areas they perhaps are not. A blog can be a platform to explore market trends and events and provide a commentary and opinion on such things. Fundamentally the content must be relevant, timely and engaging in order to maintain an engaged audience. A regularly updated blog ensures your business delivers on newness.

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