Why and how your financial services business should be using a LinkedIn Strategy in 2020

Whilst Facebook is the biggest social media networking site globally, LinkedIn has been supporting users for a greater amount of time.

Hootsuite argues that ‘what makes LinkedIn unique is the fact that it has a specific user base’. They are a professional audience that are educated, affluent and already in a head space that looks for career insights and work-related content. This is a network motivated to establish business connections and nurture a professional network. This contrasts a Facebook audience, who are less likely to be engaging in professional content.

Since LinkedIn is a professional network, it is a great platform for discovering and developing leads. Hubspot published findings to show that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. What’s more, LinkedIn disclosed that 80% of B2B social media leads come the from platform. This makes LinkedIn a very powerful tool for B2B sales.

With so much opportunity on one platform, it is important that your company can fully represent itself and its current employees on LinkedIn to engage with potential clients and potential future employees.

Linear Media explores some of the simple ways your business can make the most of LinkedIn in 2020.

Business representation

One of the best ways to optimise your LinkedIn page is to ensure it is consistently populated with content and reflects the organisation’s workforce. When publishing content, it is important to be tagging relevant partners and employees in the post and to be including hashtags that reflect your business and the subject matter of the post to boost impressions and drive more people to your company page.

A fully optimised company page is key here. Adding a company logo increase profile visits by six times. At the same time, you will want to ensure your copy that describes your business in your bio is concise and to the point, so prospective clients and employees understand exactly what your business does.

Content creation

Having a well thought out content strategy will help your business engage with your target audience. The algorithm on LinkedIn prioritises high-quality and multimedia-rich posts. This includes video and image content, alongside thought-provoking written blog content that directs traffic back to your website. It is worth noting that posts with images are expected to get twice as many comments and engagement that posts without them. When it comes to creating engaging content, video posts are the golden ticket. They are five times more likely to receive comments and earn three times the engagement in comparison to text-only posts.

Setting marketing objectives

Once your business is fully optimised with a content strategy in place, it is important to consider exactly what you want your page to do. Are you trying to boost brand awareness surrounding your business, generate new leads or drive traffic to your website? It is worth bearing in mind that 50% of B2B web traffic that comes from social media comes from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great platform for lead generation and boost brand awareness through blog and video content. This is due to the type of users on LinkedIn. Often, they are looking for resources to empower their learning or connect them with the right person to develop their business.

By having a blog and sharing information from your website on your page, you can direct traffic from LinkedIn to your company website. However, increased website traffic is just one marketing objective. LinkedIn’s InMail tool is another powerful way to connect with potential leads. The response rate of InMail is 300% higher than email. To generate leads, InMail is really undersaturated. Companies have an opportunity to purchase ‘sponsored’ InMail’s to target specific leads and user types. However the platform is regulated so that a person will only receive one sponsored InMail every 45 days. Due to the infrequency, it means that the message is more likely to get noticed by the end user. Whilst there are many ways to use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients, having clear marketing objectives will help you make the most of the platform.

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