What we do

We work with organisations to increase their social media, marketing and PR engagement across all market sectors.

Linear Media is a digital marketing consultancy, providing advice on key messaging, content creation plus digital solutions and management in the professional sector. Do you want to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Become a voice in your market space
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Be different, innovative and interesting
  • Increase sales and client retention
  • We offer advice, provide ideas and get creative with a range of business to help them achieve their marketing goals

Website design & build

Whether you are a start-up business requiring a new website or an established business who needs to refresh your site, it’s important to remember that for most clients a visit to your website is the first contact they will have with your business. We can help you make that first contact count. We can work with you on initial design ideas, look and feel, structure and usability of your site so that your clients, suppliers and staff get the best experience possible. Having the right structure and content in place can increase visitors time on the site itself as well as improve Search Engine Optimisation.

Content Creation

Creating interesting and relevant content can make all the difference to all areas of your digital media and marketing strategy, including that all important Google search. As well as working with you to improve your search engine optimisation and increase the strength of your businesses brand online we can advise you on your thought leadership strategies, reputation building and boosting as well as opinion articles and blogs. One piece of new content can be utilised across all types of media including your website, social media and traditional marketing channels.

Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns

Keep new enquires to your business coming by working a strategic online pay per click advertising campaign. Dovetailing with your other marketing actives this can be a really great way to increase your online visibility and increase relevant visitors to your website. Whether you are looking for new leads, direct sales or better increase your brand awareness, a carefully structured and monitored pay per click campaign can be managed to any budget over any timescale. Linear Media will construct, manage and monitor your campaign which can be varied dependent on your current sales requirements.

Key Message Creation

You can avoid unclear or mixed business messages by working towards a key message for your business, brand or campaign. Be clear, concise and relevant with every message that leaves your business to the wider digital world. Key messaging can be used to promote individuals, specific products or services or the entire business, depending on how you want your business or brand to grow in the future.

Video Creation

Now known to be 70% more engaging than the written word on digital platforms, video creation is the future medium for your business. From our studio in Belgravia, London we work with clients to create something a little different from their competition. Alongside excellent search engine optimisation results, video is a fast effective and easy way to promote your business. Use the studio space to record reviews, key messages, debates and interviews or create animations to enhance your marketing strategy.

Social Media Set Up

Meaningful social media can work wonders for your business and help your search engine optimisation. We understand you and your colleagues don’t have the time required to provide the creativity and the content needed to correspond to your overall media campaign. Linear Media builds your campaign set up and strategy working with you on ideas, approach and planning to allow create a streamlined message through your social media channels. We will review each channel and it’s output to advise on what will work best for your business in a crowed online world.

Social Media Management

Once your social media is live, it can’t be neglected. We want to guarantee you are sending a strong message to your clients, partners and providers that you are a relevant and attentive business. Managing both company accounts and personal accounts of your senior teams, Linear Media will post, manage and monitor your social media channels to make them work harder and have relevance to your business. Managing your social media accounts effectively allows you to build your followers, your online presence and your brand awareness as well as increasing leads, sales and reviews of your business helping build the overall picture of your digital media strategy.

Digital Infrastructure Review

Digital media is a brilliant way to increase brand awareness, visibility, reputation and most importantly increase clients and sales. A little bit of everything isn’t necessarily the right approach. Building a solid campaign structure and timeline allows your business to grow its online presence organically and to the budget you have available. Changing or growing a new marketing campaign takes time, expertise and great ideas and Linear Media can advise you on new and better ways to make the very best use of your budget. Reviewing each aspect of your current campaigns allows us to give you a clear and insightful picture of where your business is currently and where it could be in the future.

We work with organisations to increase their social media, marketing and PR engagement across all market sectors.