What is content marketing and why does your business need it

‘Content is King’ – a term that is thrown around left, right and centre in the marketing world. And with good reason. Content marketing is communicating a message that relates your business mission and brand story to an audience. In that sense, it can be anything. It can be an Instagram post, a tweet, a post on LinkedIn, product description or blog article.

So with content, comes content marketing. Content marketing is a long-term strategy that should be built over time to develop a strong relationship with clients and boost brand engagement. A content marketing strategy should seek to aid the acquisition of new customers whilst ensuring the retention of existing ones. It should promote products and services that your business supplies.

When it comes to content creation, a business should consider these things: Why is the piece of content being created? Who is it designed to engage with? How will the content reflect the business tone of voice, values and mission? How should the content be distributed through digital marketing to reach the targeted audience? And finally, what will be the key performance indicators of the content?

So what are the benefits of creating content for your business?

High quality content can be a great way boost your SEO so you generate more leads through search engines like Google. In fact, without content, SEO would have nothing to optimise. In that sense, content can drive website traffic. At the same time, it can be a tool to populate your social media strategy. Content can foster a strong brand awareness, establish your business as a thought leader and promote engagement with your target audience.

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