Social media: How to engage with your next generation of clients

Millennials (born 1980-1999) are the first-generation digital natives who feel at home on the internet. The world of business is changing all around us and the millennials will be your largest client who, by 2030, will make up 75% of the work force. These people will be about to enter their prime earning years, and 88% of the 1.5 billion millennials use social media. This means that a digital marketing strategy is the best way to sell to them.


Twitter is not what most think of when it comes to business, yet it can be one of the most effective social networks for business. 80% of users are affluent millennials- your ideal target market. By using Twitter, you can expose your company to new audiences and increase loyalty because 47% who follow a brand are more likely to visit their website, reeling them in to your product. You also can shape your company into what you want by responding to feedback and communicating with your customers, strengthening their trust towards you. Twitter is an ideal place to check out the competition, find sales leads for you to pursue and give news updates about your company.


Debatably the most aesthetically pleasing platform, Instagram makes it easy to promote your product- with a click of a button, you can upload a photo. However, service-based companies can also use Instagram if they post about the office, staff, or giving small video updates. The visual marketing can boost your company, because right now, people buy people, not necessarily the company. Furthermore, you can use 3rd party apps or Instagram business tools to track your analytics. 200 million people using Instagram visit one business site a day, meaning your business will rapidly grow your consumer base. Instagram, seems to be popular with millennials as it is the second most popular social media and 2/3 of all millennials using social media, use Instagram making it perfect for business.


The modern version of the yellow pages, LinkedIn is the go-to business social network as its sole purpose is to connect people for business. Whether you’re looking for a new employee, job or to hire somebody, LinkedIn is the place to go. You can build strong, trusting relationships with your clients. Approximately 65 million professionals including lots of Fortune 500 executives use LinkedIn. If they use it, why can’t you? They keyword feature can help your work be easily found with a search bar and the professional gallery can display your best work to be shown to attract possible customers. You can create both create profiles for individuals and companies which can reach maximum exposure.


Facebook is the most popular site in the world (according to business insider), with 2.23 billion users logging on each month. This obviously increases reach, especially to millennials since Facebook is their most well visited social media. The Facebook insights helps maximize the amount of interactions with your followers and adding links to your website with a full-size thumb nail increases traffic to your website. Easily you can get leads, target adverts towards a certain demographic, or spy on your competition’s profile.

However, you need to be able to effectively run these accounts to reap all the rewards. This open engagement between company and client is key to building a good relationship with customers who will soon put trust into your organization. If you would like help to create cohesive content and a social media strategy or just find out more regarding media or marketing, get in contact with Linear Media

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Author: Katie Nightingale