Paid or Organic? How should your business be building digital visibility?

Kate Horne, Director at Linear Media, looks at how to get maximum impact from your digital strategies

Improving your website ranking

According to Hubspot, Google now has a massive 92% share of the worldwide search engine market sewn up. On that figure alone, we can assume that when we are considering the best approach for organic and/or paid marketing on web-based searches, we would now see Google as the primary, if not only, viable search solution for your business.

The Google algorithm can work in mysterious ways and ways that only a few at Google understand. We know that just keeping talking about and creating links to your site isn’t enough in 2019. In fact, that can have a detrimental effect on your search ranking. It can be seen as lazy online marketing. What Google and indeed your clients and potential clients are looking for is interesting, relevant and up to date content relating to your business or your industry as a whole. Your business needs to be engaged with digital content and bring something to market that shows you are actively looking to keep your website fresh, marketable and useful.

Pay per Click (or PPC) advertising can be a great way of increasing your search engine rankings without needing the patience required for organic growth. PPC doesn’t work just on how much money you put behind your campaigns. Again, the algorithms are looking at the relevance of your created ads, the relevance of the keywords you have selected or used and whether the landing page post click through is a true reflection of what you were advertising in the first place. Experience helps with PPC and it is worth working with Linear Media to set up and manage campaigns to get the most bang for your buck.

Social media – who, what and how

Depending on your business type, campaigns and objectives, you may find you use different social media channels at different times and for different reasons. At Linear Media, we avid believers in the power of LinkedIn.

Why? According to the Content Marketing Institute, 97% of companies use LinkedIn for B2B marketing to promote company content, services and thought leadership articles. In other words, a mere 3% of businesses are not using the channel.

So why exactly is the platform so popular for B2B users? LinkedIn has over 630 million professional users, with 40% of them using the platform daily 63 million users are key decision makers. As such, LinkedIn provides businesses with huge possibilities and opportunities to grow their brand presence, promote their services and publish opinion pieces with a guaranteed professional audience.

People often mistakenly assume LinkedIn is a recruitment tool or a platform to network for securing a new job. Whilst this is true, it is not the primary reason why people use LinkedIn.
According to LinkedIn, 76% of their users use the channel as a learning tool and as a go to place to discover new information. Our clients benefit from this by using video content to share market updates about their relevant sector and by sharing thought leadership pieces and blog content.

This allows us to lead on to another reason by B2B companies should be using LinkedIn. 80% of all social media B2B new business leads are generated via LinkedIn. At the same time, LinkedIn drives more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs. Now, if you have a PPC campaign alongside this, your strategy to drive traffic to your website will be robust.

When you are sharing thought leadership and blog content on a platform that has your best prospects, the chances of this audience being driven to your website are high. Your business’ potential to convert these leads into business opportunities stand far higher than other social media platforms. LinkedIn published data revealing that the social media platform generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate of any social network at 2.74%. This is 3x higher than twitter at 0.69% and Facebook at 0.77%.

When it comes to making the most of the platform, businesses have an opportunity to use LinkedIn organically or make use of the supplies paid marketing solutions on the channel. Businesses can decide what tool is best for them based on their marketing objectives. The tools include: Sponsored Content, Text-Ads and sponsored In-Mail. Each tool provides businesses with an opportunity to increase their brand awareness or generate more leads.

In summary, LinkedIn is the best social media channel for B2B companies for lead generation and to drive traffic to a company website. It is a great platform to engage with your target audience through educative content and thought leadership pieces. Linear Media can work with your business to devise a LinkedIn content and marketing strategy to help you reach your marketing goals.

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